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“time is color” by cédric hanriot

Jazz-Hip Hop-Electro, 4 musicians

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  • Cédric Hanriot: piano/synths/compositions
  • Tony Moreau (live concerts) / Days (album): voice/spoken words/rap
  • Bertrand Beruard: bass & double bass
  • Antonin Violot (live concerts) / Elie Martin Charrière (album): drums/pads
  • Guests on the album: Braxton Cook (saxophone), Jason Palmer (trumpet)

“[…] Time is Color is a delight of an album, a welcomed success” –Francis Marmande, Le Monde (F)

-The album “Time is Color” received a “CHOC” (Album of the Month) in Jazz Magazine (F)

-Time is Color received 5 stars from BBC Music Magazine (which is very rare) (UK)

Time is Color, appeared on Barack Obama’s Summer 2022 Spotify playlist (US)

Time is Color was one of the 10 best albums of 2022 in UK Magazine “MOJO” (UK)

Time is Color was selected as one of the the 10 best albums of the week (22/09/22) by French magazine “Couleurs Jazz” amongst Michel Pettrucciani and Butcher Brown (F)

Time is Color was featured on NPR’s Jazz Night in America Playlist (September 2022) (US)

-Legendary 14time Grammy Award winning pianist Herbie Hancock wrote thoses lines:
“Wow!! Your record “Time is Color” is really great!!
I heard the whole album “Time is Color” twice so far and new elements continue to unfold. It’s truly terrific.
The music material and the approach are groundbreaking.
Huge congratulations Cédric !!”

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The title of the album was intended to provoke thought – to get people thinking what exactly “Time is Color” means. With this album, I wanted to share my own perception of time to me that meant time is closely related to color. Time can be seen as an objective thing. It is something we all know – we have clocks and calendars – but there’s also a subjective side, because every human being perceives time differently, depending on certain situations and moments in life. We can perceive a moment as long or short, for instance, whereas “objective” time is not so abstract. That thought really got me to try to write tunes that would translate these thoughts and feelings into music.

The result: a powerful jazz/hip hop/urban sound. Between 
acoustic instruments (piano, double bass, drums) and electronic textures, the music of this project has an almost cinematic dimension. The addition of Los Angeles rapper Charles X brings an even more rap and hip hop color to the project, which promises to be very exciting!

Countries played:
Concerts in France (Jazz à Vienne festival, Jazz in Marciac Festival, Festival Puy En Velay, la Gare/le Gore, Sunside, Conservatoire de Malakoff, Wine Note, Trinitaires, Lavoir Théâtre, le Solar), in Eastern Europe (Poland, Macedonia, Romania, Greece), concerts in Europe (England, Scotland, Germany, Luxembourg) as well as in Mexico. 

"Polaroid Songs" by Cédric Hanriot & Bertrand Beruard

World Music-Jazz – Live concert and Video projection – 6tet (String trio and Jazz Trio) or Symphonic Orchestra and Jazz Trio

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  • Cédric Hanriot: Piano, Synths, Compositions
  • Bertrand Beruard: Basses, Fxs, Compositions
  • Elie Martin-Charrière: Drums, Electronic Triggers
  • Anne Amandine Corgiat: Violin
  • Hugo Antunes: Viola
  • Juliette Serrad: Cello
  • Original artwork, animations: Kader Hamza

The POLAROÏD SONGS concept is a musical world tour featuring live scenes from numerous tours by two composers Bertrand Beruard and Cédric Hanriot.The project aims to propose the personal vision of an ideal world, through values such as parity, the use of digital tools at the service of the human, the richness of the diversity of influences.

Polaroïd Songs offers a vision of the world recomposed through the prism of the subjectivity of the two composers. This appropriation is done in the manner of Béla Bartók’s imaginary folklore, that is to say by the assimilation of local folk material (melodies, rhythm, textures) but also local languages, dialects and moods, in order to create an original music and not a “pastiche” of local music.

“Break walls!” Is ultimately the main message. To demolish prejudices, which the fear linked to ignorance / ignorance finally gives birth to … this fear that prevents us from “daring”.

Venues played: Arsenal, Metz, F – Pan Piper, Paris, F – Le Granit, Belfort, F – Le Gueulard+, Nilvange, F – Conservatoire de Clamart, F


Electronic Jazz, Duo

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  • Franck Agulhon: drums & compositions
  • Cédric Hanriot: piano, synth bass, laptop, keyboards & compositions

“We have well understood: beyond the accomplished performance of two longterm musical friends, the duo is above all, an invitation to travel, an urgent journey of discovery!”
Denis Desassis, Citizen Jazz

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A time, a moment, a piece

Since their first collaboration on the album frogNstein in 2006, pianist Cédric Hanriot and drummer Franck Agulhon always imagined putting together a project in which they could explore new musical territories in tandem. This has now been made a reality, as they recently recorded their first duo album together in January 2016. DAY musically traces a journey through a typical working day. From each phase to the next, morning alarm to bedtime, traffic jam during the lunch break, each piece depicts an everyday moment.

Venues played: Festival Jazz à Juan (F), JazzPote Festival (Thionville), Le Relax (Chaumont, F),  MAI (Nancy, F), IMFP (F), …

City of Poets - "Hyperion" by Jason Palmer & Cédric Hanriot

Modern Jazz, 5tet (saxophone/trumpet/piano/double bass/drums)

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  • Jason Palmer: trumpet & compositions
  • Donny McCaslin: saxophone
  • Cédric Hanriot: piano & compositions
  • Michael Janisch: bass
  • Clarence Penn: drums

“This is music with its roots in the Miles Davis Quintet of 1963-68, a combination of intellectual rigour, technical brilliance and graceful lyricisism.”

Richard Williams, the Blue Moment


“Cédric Hanriot has created an “improvisational concept” that takes mainstream jazz styles for quintet and links them to literary and artistic archetype. ”


“Hanriot, a swinging stylist who can keep several ideas afloat at once, make notable contributions as well, moving the hardbop ethos into present times.”

Tom Greenland, The New York City Jazz Record

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It all begins around a science fiction story by Dan Simmons

Jason Palmer and Cédric Hanriot met during their studies at Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA. They are both fascinated by science fiction.

The very essence of American trumpeter Jason Palmer and French pianist/composer Cédric Hanriot’s improvisational concept City Of Poets – centered around Olivier Messiaen’s 7 Modes of Limited Transportation and US author Dan Simmons’ acclaimed, four- novel science fiction series Hyperion Cantos – is sufficiently intriguing to prompt further exploration of its background and, indeed, the artistic collaboration and musical output it has inspired.

Venues played: Kennedy Center (DC, US), Joe’s Pub (NYC, US), Royal Conservatory or Scotland (Glasgow, UK), Pizza Express (London, UK), William Paterson University (Wayne, US), Indiana University (Bloomington, US),..

"French Stories" by Cédric Hanriot

Cross over jazz, trio

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  • Cédric Hanriot: piano, Fender Rhodes, laptop
  • Terri Lyne Carrington: drums, vocals
  • John Patitucci: basses
  • Guests:
    • Ben Powell: violin on the album
    • Patrick Owen: cello on the album
    • 2TH: voice on the album

“Cédric Hanriot, an assiduous creater, dares the invigorating alchemy of composite and resoloute contemporary jazz. A music of scintillating colours, illuminated by the sounds of strings and electronica, that never defy a clear, determined passion for France’s popular melodies.”

Citizen Jazz

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The jazz trio that interprets the French song book.

Recorded just after his first experience in the USA during which he studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, the first album by pianist Cédric Hanriot revisits a number of popular French songs (Brel, Piaf, Delpech, Nougaro) and rebuilt them in the jazz piano trio context whilst preserving the essence of each song. The line-up is prestigious: John Patitucci on bass and Terri Lyne Carrington on drums. They anchor the rhythmic base of a project embellished also with a string quartet, vocals on several songs and electronic sounds and fxs. Cedric without hesitation, seized this opportunity to also co-write a song with the drummer Terri Lyne Carrington, with whom he has collaborated for quite a few years. Carrington, in turn, used this occassion to also sing the composition. Their hip-hop jazz piece “Your Sweetness” is a tribute to some of Gainsbourg melodies, whilst also illustrating their love of Afro-American music. It is quickly understood, in listening, that the stories told here enthusiastically by Cedric Hanriot illustrate the musical adventure of a multifaceted artist – pianist, composer, arranger, sound designer, producer. We will surely be hearing more about him soon.

Venues played:
France (La Poudrière, Belfort, Drum Addict Festival, Bordeaux, Sunside, Paris, Chateau Lafayette), USA (Tanglewood Jazz Festival, Joe’s Pub), Japan, China, Indonesia, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and Europe (Schloss Elmau, Germany, Luxembourg, Eastern Europe).

FrogNstein - "electrify my soul" by CÉDRIC HANRIOT & BERTRAND BERUARD

Acid Jazz

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  • Cédric Hanriot: piano, keyboards, programming, compositions)
  • Bertrand Beruard: (bass, compositions)
  • Arnaud Renaville: (drums)
  • Florent Brique: (laptop and trumpet)
  • Guests:
    • Franck Agulhon: drums
    • Dean Bowman, Coco Zhao, 2TH: vocals
    • Guillaume Poncelet: trumpet
    • Hugues Mayot, Pierre Desassis: saxophones
    • Bertrand Luzignant: trombone
    • Yvain von Stebut, Ludovic D’Aniello: programmations

The album Electrify my Soul is the first realization of the frogNstein project carried out by Cedric Hanriot (piano, keyboards, programming, compositions, arrangements) and Bertrand Beruard (electric bass, double bass, programming, compositions, arrangements), eager to propose a modern music close to their influences: electro-groove-jazz. The album proposes a journey through many rich and varied environments, where those two composers/arrangers did not set themselves any limits to the instrumentation but also to the music styles. 22 speakers bring their touch to this semi-biological, semi-cybernetic creature called frogNstein – we can hear on this album horns and strings, voices of three continents, two drummers as well as programming. Among them some famous guests appear: drummer Franck Agulhon, American singer Dean Bowman (John Scofield), trumpet player Guillaume Poncelet (No Jazz), singer/poet Chinese Coco Zhao… This opus electrifies the eardrums as well as the entire body…

Venues played: Festival Jazz à Vienne (F), Festival Jazz à la Défense (F), …

"Solo Piano" by Cédric hanriot

Jazz, Classical, French songs, pop songs

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  • Cédric Hanriot: piano

Besides his adventures in duo, trio and symphonic contexts (French Stories, KS2, Time is Color, Polaroid Songs) and many collaborations with some of the biggest names in jazz, Cedric Hanriot proposes a solo piano program playing singular and brilliant interpretations of jazz standards, French “chansons”, pop hits and original compositions.

His program enthusiastically illustrates the musical aesthetics of a multifaceted artist – pianist, composer, arranger, sound designer and producer.

"PIANO NOCTURNES" by Cédric Hanriot (Universal Music/GUM)

XXth century solo piano music, 2020

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  • Cédric Hanriot: piano

A collection of original solo piano pieces in the vein of XXth century French composers such as Erik Satie, Claude Debussy. Suited for movies/documentaries/tv.

Notorious - "funky way of life"

Funk-rock-fusion, 1998

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  • Cédric Hanriot: piano, Fender Rhodes, synths, compositions
  • Bertrand Beruard: bass, compositions
  • Matthieu Devaux: vocals, compositions
  • Benoit Masson: guitar, compositions
  • Stéphane Eck: drums, compositions

as a sideman

“Beautiful Life” by Dianne Reeves (Concord Jazz) – 2014, RNB, Jazz
with Dianne Reeves, Nadia Washington, Gregory Porter, Lalah Hathaway, Raul Midon (voice), George Duke, Gerald Clayton, Bobby Sparks, Robert Glasper, Cédric Hanriot, Shedrick Mitchell, Peter Martin, Leo Genovese (piano, keyboards), Reginald Veal, James Genus, Richard Bona, Esperanza Spalding (bass), Terreon Gully, Terri Lyne Carrington (drums), Sean Jones (trumpet), Tineke Postma (saxophone), Gregoire Maret (harmonica).

!!! The album won a Grammy Award – category Best Jazz Vocal Album – in 2015 !!!


“The Mosaic Project, Love and Soul”, by Terri Lyne Carrington (Concord Jazz) – 2015, Jazz, RNB
with Lizz Wright, Paula Cole, Lalah Hathaway, Chaka Khan, Natalie Cole, Jaguar Wright (voice), Rachel Z, Patrice Rushen, Cédric Hanriot (keyboards), Meshell Ndegeocello (bass), Regina Carter (violin), Terri Lyne Carrington (drums, programming, voice)

!!! The album was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2016 – category Best Album of the Year !!!

“Mundo”, by Laurent Salzard (Jazz Family) – 2023, World Jazz
with Laurent Salzard (basses and compositions), Minino Garay (percussions), Yann Cléry (flutes), Cédric Hanriot (piano)

“Saudade, Colour of Love”, by Maria Mendes + Metropol Orkestra (Challenge Records) – 2022, Fado-Jazz-Symphonic

with Maria Mendes (voice, arrangements), John Beasley (synthesizers, arrangements), Cédric Hanriot (piano), Jasper Somsen (double bass), Mario Costa (drums), Metropol Orkestra

!!! The song “Com que Voz” was nominated for both a Grammy Award in 2024 and a Latin Grammy in 2023 – category Best Arrangement !!!

“More to say” by Terri Lyne Carrington (Real Life Story: Next Gen) – 2009, Hip Hop, RNB, Jazz
with Terri Lyne Carrington (drums and voice), Christian McBride (bass), George Duke, Patrice Rushen, Danilo Perez, Cédric Hanriot (piano and keyboards)

“Lost in Translation”, by Michel Meis (Double moon Records/Jazz Thing Next Generation Vol. 76) – 2019, Jazz
with Michel Meis (drums, compositions), Stephan Goldbach (doublebass), Alisa Klein (trombone), Cédric Hanriot (piano and Fender Rhodes)

“Kissed by the mist”, by Giorgio Alessani – 2020, Jazz Crooner

with Giorgio Alessani (vocals, compositions), André Ceccarelli (drums), Diego Imbert (double bass), Cédric Hanriot (piano), Bastien Ballaz (trombone), David Enhco (trumpet), Cédric Ricard (saxophone), String orchestra arranged by Jean Gobinet.

“Kaboom”, by Michel Meis – 2021 (Challenge Records) – 2021, Acoustic Jazz
With Michel Meis (drums, compositions), Stephan Goldbach (double bass), Alisa Klein (trombone), Cédric Hanriot (piano and Fender Rhodes) and Théo Ceccaldi (violin).

“01”, by Vincent Bidal & Romain Joutard – 2020, Jazz, Electro, Pop
with Vincent Bidal (piano, compositions), Romain Joutard (drums, compositions), guests: Cédric Hanriot (synths), Ludovic Louis (trumpet), Eric “Ricko” Filet (lead vocal).









”Lollipop Moment”, by Michel Meis (Double Moon Records) – 2023, electro-jazz-pop
with Michel Meis (drums), Stephan Goldbach (double bass, synth bass), Alisa Klein (trombone), Cédric Hanriot (piano, Prophet 6 and Fender Rhodes)


“Sun in my sould”, by Mr Sasha (ACIx) – 2024, Afro Soul
with Mr Sacha (voice, guitars, saxophone), Tyrone Downie (keyboards), Christophe Panzani (saxophone), Cédric Hanriot (B3 Hammond organ and Fender Rhodes)

“Light” by Ben Powell 2008, Jazz Manouche
with Ben Powell (violin), Cédric Hanriot (piano), Devin Drobka (drums), Aaron Darell (bass)











“The mess we leave behind” by Giorgio Alessani (Alfa Music) – 2024, Jazz-Pop
with Giorgio Alessani (voice, compositions), Anne Sila (voice, lyrics), André Ceccarelli (drums), M-Carlos (saxophone, beat making, additionnal synths), Cédric Hanriot (piano, synthesizers and Fender Rhodes)

“Jour off” by Achil Komodo (Artdisto/Mosaic Music) – 2006, French Pop
with Achil Komodo (voice, guitar), Cédric Hanriot (piano, Fender Rhodes)

















“Solisticks 2” by Franck Agulhon 2009, Electro Jazz
with Valérie Graschaire (voice), Vincent Artaud, Diego Imbert (bass), Pierre de Bethmann, Cédric Hanriot, Baptiste Trotignon, Eric Legnini, Pierre Alain Goualch (piano, keyboards), André Charlier, Franck Agulhon (drums)









“Tunga Tanga’s band”, by Minino Garay (Autre Distribution) – 2018, Argentinian Cuarteto
with Minino Garay (vocals, percussions), Carlos Jimenez, Carlos Rolan, Los Caligaris (vocals), Diego Bravo (piano), Christophe Lampidecchia (accordion), Cédric Hanriot (programming/sound design)

”Cosmopolite – Gypsy Blues 2”, by Ioan Streba (Plaza Mayor Company) – 2023, gypsy jazz
with Ioan Streba (clarinet and compositions), Amina Mezaache (flute), Bruno Rousselet (double bass), Jules Wallemme (drums), Cédric Hanriot (piano, Fender Rhodes)

“Boogaloo Station”, by Phil JL Robert – (Feel Time Music) – 2022, Boogaloo & Blues

 With Phil JL Robert (guitar, compositions, production), Cédric Hanriot, Anthony Honnet (organ Hammond B3 bas synth and keyboards), Davy Honnet (drums), Xaxier Desandre Navarre (percussions), Hippolyte Favre (trumpet, flute), Philippe Sellam (alto and baryton saxophones), Philippe Gonnand (tenor saxophone), Guillaume Grosso (barytone saxophone), Nicolas Benedetti, François Morin (trombone), Melvin Clairault (lead vocals, lyrics), Chloé Paul, Kate Quelin (back vocals)

”C’est Quoi Ma Place?” single, by 21juin le Duo – 2023, chill piano
with Cédric Hanriot (piano)