Press & Quotes

What musicians say

“Cédric is one of the most talented musicians I know.
His wide range of abilities from playing to arranging and sound design, makes him a triple threat.”

Terri Lyne Carrington

3 time Grammy Award winning drummer & producer

“The composer and pianist Cédric Hanriot, is, for me, more than a talented musician and an exceptional person. He is a young master who seeks perfection … in any situation. We need more of his music.”
Fransisco Mela

Drummer with McCoy Tyner, Joe Lovano

“Cédric has shown to be a hard working professional and a team player in every musical situation he has taken part of. He is a great talented and dedicated player and composer”

Danilo Pérez

Pianist with Dizzy Gillespie, Wayne Shorter

“His talent is unquestionably strong and he shows it in his fantastic improvising skills, in his fantastic sense of time and in his natural ability to reinvent harmonies of the tunes he plays”

Marcello Pellitteri

Drummer with Pat Metheny, Joe Henderson

“A fine sensibility, unparalleled interaction within his groups, a wide pianistic language, a beautiful feel, whether Cedric accompanies or improvises, evocative and sylisticaly varied compositions … no cliché for Cédric: he feels the music, without force. Highly recommended.”

Joe Mulholland

Pianist, director of the harmony department Berklee College of Music in Boston

“I was very impressed upon hearing his talent. He stood out amongst the other musicians because he was taking more chances and venturing beyond the boundaries of the typical bebop jam session style. I’m also pleased to note his originality and scope as an artist. Aside from his diligence and its corollary skill, he possesses a marked musical originality beyond the rarity of his choice of instrument”

Greg Osby

Saxophone with Jim Hall, Herbie Hancock

What press says

“Cédric Hanriot have created an “improvisational concept” that takes mainstream jazz styles for quintet and links them to literary and artistic archetype ”


“We understand quickly that Cédric Hanriot masters all aspects of sound, of grain color and that he is adept at the sculpture and placement of the soundscape.
he ten canvases explore, in an open and talkative fashion, Jazz and other
ontemporary musics, pop, electro, R&B, blues and hip hop.
 musician who touches a bit of everything, a true multi-instrumentalist and a skilled musician who knows how to crack the codes of music.”

Les dernières nouvelles du jazz

about the album French Stories

“Hanriot is up there with Ehud Asherie; among the very top of the current crop of creative piano maestros”

Steve Day

Sandy Brown Jazz

“Cédric Hanriot dares to test the lively alchemy of composite Jazz and a decidly urban flavor. A powerful and tonic music which is graciously charming.”

Citizen Jazz

about the album French Stories

“Hanriot, a swinging stylist who can keep several ideas afloat at once, make notable contributions as well, moving the hardbop ethos into present times.”

Tom Greenland

The New York City Jazz Record

“The playing of French pianist Hanriot was a revelation – flowing and endlessly inventive, creating great waves of sound charged with emotion.”

John Watson